Collection: Amplified Telephones, Mobiles & Signalers

Amplified telephones, Mobiles and Signalers are purpose-built communication solutions that cater to individuals who are hard of hearing, ensuring clear and accessible phone conversations. These devices go beyond traditional telephones by incorporating advanced amplification technology, significantly enhancing the volume of both incoming and outgoing calls.

With customizable amplification settings, users can adjust the sound levels to suit their individual hearing needs. Many amplified telephones are also equipped with features such as tone control, speakerphone functionality, and compatibility with hearing aids. Additionally, visual indicators, large buttons, and backlit displays contribute to a more user-friendly experience.

Amplified telephone accessories complement these devices, offering supplementary solutions like amplified handsets, signalers, and answering machine features. The result is a comprehensive communication system that empowers individuals with hearing challenges to engage in conversations confidently and maintain vital connections with friends, family, and colleagues. Amplified telephones and accessories represent a crucial step toward inclusive and accessible telecommunications for all.