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Universal Portable Phone Amplifier

Universal Portable Phone Amplifier

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Hear every word on any phone, anywhere with the PA-30 Portable Phone Amplifier!

This portable telephone amplifier straps onto any standard telephone handset to make your caller's voice louder up to 20 times. The PA-30 is ideal for people with hearing loss or when trying to hear in noisy environments, like public payphones in stadiums, convention halls, shop floors, etc.

  • Strap-on, portable telephone amplifier
  • Easily straps onto any standard corded or cordless handset
  • Amplifies up to 26 dB (20 times louder than standard phone handsets)
  • Advanced tone enhancement automatically optimizes speech clarity for improved intelligibility
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Six month warranty

Comes complete with:

(1) Portable Phone Amplifier

(2) AAA batteries

(1) Soft carrying pouch

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