• At Work

    Deaf-Quip understands the significance of staying informed in a professional setting. Their visual and vibrational alert systems ensure that Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are instantly notified of important events, messages, or alarms in the workplace. In the pursuit of fostering workplace inclusivity, Deaf-Quip stands as a beacon of innovation, committed to supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing community with a range of groundbreaking assistive devices.

  • Around the Home

    Deaf-Quip's Home Alert Systems are designed to provide visual and vibrational notifications for various household alerts. From doorbells and phone calls to smoke alarms, this comprehensive system ensures that individuals with hearing impairments are promptly and effectively alerted to important events around their home. We provide discreet and adjustable personal sound amplifiers and we are NZs largest supplier of Vibrating Alarm Clocks

  • Sports & Leisure

    Recognizing the importance of accessible and enjoyable leisure activities, Deaf-Quip proudly introduces a range of assistive devices designed to enhance the recreational experiences of individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing. From entertainment to outdoor pursuits, these innovative solutions cater to diverse interests, ensuring that everyone can participate fully in their chosen leisure activities.

DeafGard Smoke Alarm for Hotels & Motels

Deafgard is a portable device which alerts people in an emergency. Designed for the Deaf and hard of hearing, Deafgard has a vibration pad and flashing light which wakes people upon the sound of the fire alarm.
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Get inspired by other customers

  • Great little gadget.
    Good range. Will provide peace of mind for elderly parent sleeping downstairs
    and caregiver upstairs.

    Voula L

  • Had to buy the USB
    plug-in & extension cord (with correct end) and it is really good - loud!
    choice of rings and different to the phone to reduce any possible confusion.

    Margaret B

  • Great quick and
    efficient service. Esay to use and set up. Good option for Mum in a retirement

    Suzanne C