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Olitech EasyFlip 2 Mobile Phone (Suitable for all Carriers)

Olitech EasyFlip 2 Mobile Phone (Suitable for all Carriers)

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The New 4G EasyFlip 2 for Seniors

We are proud to introduce the new 4G mobile phone, the Olitech EasyFlip 2. Designed for simplicity, the EasyFlip features a large screen, large buttons, amplified tones and much more.

Technology is something that everybody needs regardless of their age, gender, lifestyle or geographic location. Too often people are paired with technology that does not suit their needs or that they are unable to use effectively. Olitech's Easy Flip 2 offers an effective solution for those looking to connect with others and enhance their personal safety.

Product Features:

  • Dedicated emergency key
  • GPS locating functions
  • Auto answer function
  • Low battery alert
  • Amplified volume
  • Voice output keys and main menu
  • M4/T4 Hearing aid compatible
  • Photo speed dial

Included with purchase:

  • EasyFlip 2 mobile phone
  • Charging accessories: battery, cradle charge, micro USB charging cable & wall plug
  • User manual & Quick set-up guide
  • Lanyard

Note: The Olitech 4G Flip makes phone calls only, it is not equipped to connect to the wireless network.

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