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Telephone Bell Ringer with Flasher

Telephone Bell Ringer with Flasher

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Phone Bell Ringer with Light

A bright orange light flashes when the phone is ringing.
Perfect for the hearing impaired.
Also very helpful in noisy rooms and for those rooms that need to be quiet.

This bell ringer amplifier has 2 different options to select from:
* Flashing light only
* Loud ringer with flashing light

Use it directly to a phone jack and between a wall jack and a phone.
It can be easily attached to any wall with a nail or with a double sided tape (Tape included).
Durable & reliable.
Easy to use and install

Color: White
Dimension: 2.25" W x 3.5" H x 1.375" D
Sealed in original package.

Purchase the double adaptor if you are wanting to use the same telephone jack the phone is plugged into

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