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LightOn Mobile Phone Signaler

LightOn Mobile Phone Signaler

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LightOn from Dreamzon

Tired of missing calls on your cell phone because you didn't feel the vibrations or the ringer is not loud enough? Set your phone to vibration mode and place it in the DreamZon LightOn phone signaler cradle and be notified by a flashing LED lights! DreamZon's LightOn Cell Phone Signaler was designed for cell phone users who have a hearing loss, to notify them when there are incoming calls, texts or emails. DreamZon's LightOn has a bright LED light that flashes when triggered, and stops when the user resets it.


  • Flashing bright LED light
  • Place your cell phone in the cradle and comfortably conduct sign language calls via video
  • Requires no plugs or installation - battery powered using three AA 1.5V batteries (included)
  • Two vibration sensitivity settings allow you to increase the sensitivity level of the LightOn unit for phones with short or weak vibrations
  • Reliable, simple to use
  • Works with nearly all cell phones that have a vibration mode
  • LightOn will let you know when you have a call—anywhere in your home! Connect to these transmitters, which will send to any receiver from the same system: Silent Alert SA3000 or Bellman Visit
  • Additional vibration alerting can be achieved with purchase of the LightOn Bed Shaker (No longer available)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Cell phone not included

DreamZon LightOn cell phone signaler overview video

How does it work?

Once a mobile phone is placed into the LightOn cradle, the device detects the receipt of any incoming call or SMS message through vibration. It then automatically converts this vibration into bright lights in the front and back of the cradle.

Additional benefits:

Video calls: The LightOn cradle's back-rest is uniquely designed to facilitate the use of sign language via mobile video phones. The angle of the cradle enables you to place your phone in the cradle and then comfortably sign with both hands.

Portability and Simplicity: The LightOn device requires no plugs or installation. It is simply powered by three AA 1.5V batteries (incl), making it portable and simple to operate. Consumers can take their LightOn cradle with them wherever they go, or place them in different rooms at home or in the office.

Reliability and Compatibility: LightOn is extremely reliable, simple to use, and compatible with all mobile phones which have a vibrating mode.

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