Collection: Big Button Amplified Telephones & Mobile Phones for Low Vision

Deafquip is proud to present our inclusive range of big button and amplified telephones, including specialized amplified mobile phones, designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals with low vision. We understand the importance of clear communication and easy navigation for those with visual challenges. Explore our offerings:

  1. Big Button Telephones: Our big button phones are equipped with larger, high-contrast buttons, making dialing and navigating menus easier for individuals with low vision. The tactile design ensures a user-friendly experience.

  2. Amplified Telephones: Experience enhanced communication with our amplified telephones, featuring not only clear audio but also thoughtful design elements for improved visibility. These phones are tailored to meet the needs of those with low vision.

  3. Amplified Mobile Phones: Our amplified mobile phones are specially crafted to provide not only amplified sound but also features such as large, easy-to-read displays and high-contrast interfaces, enhancing accessibility for individuals with low vision on the go.

At Deafquip, we are committed to creating inclusive solutions that enhance the quality of life for individuals with various sensory challenges. Explore our range to find communication devices that seamlessly integrate accessibility features for those with low vision.