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Wireless Caregiver Pager with 2 x SOS Pendant

Wireless Caregiver Pager with 2 x SOS Pendant

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Caregiver pager for taking care of patients or elderly family at home, gives you more freedom.

Wireless portable caregiver pager easily used and with IP55 waterproof call button.

It alerts you with vibrations and sounds when you are needed.

Vibration feature supports people with poor hearing, especially suitable for elderly couples taking care of each other.

It is robust and lightweight and can be attached to your belt or tucked away in your pocket.


Portable and easy installation

Receiver with vibration, 5 ringtones and LED light

IP55 waterproof call button (Now supplied with 2 x SOS Call buttons)

Approx. 800+feet operational range (open air)

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