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Wall Mounted Sound Meter

Wall Mounted Sound Meter

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Measures the sound levels around machinery, classrooms etc

Model: 525A
Measuring range: 30 - 130db
Frequency range: 31.5hz - 8.5khz
Response time: fast
Microphone:6mm capacitance microphone
Power supply; DC5V 1A micro USB outlet
Operating condition: 0-40 degree
Dimension: 210 x 130 x 28mm
Weight: 453g

Features and Functions:
1. Accuracty: + -1.5dB In Standard audio: 94dB 1 khz
2. Measurement Range: 30 - 130dB
3. Frequency Response Range: 31.5 hz - 8.5 khz
4. Frequency weighting: A (Environmental Noise) of Weighting
5. Fast answer
6. Requires mains power to operate, available in options

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