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Vibratime Vibrating Alarm Watch with 15 alarms

Vibratime Vibrating Alarm Watch with 15 alarms

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Vibratime Vibrating Reminder Watch

The Vibratime is a silent, vibrating wristband style watch which is a convenient and discreet reminder to help adults and children remember to do something during the day. The vibrations are quite strong. A great Vibrating watch for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

The alarms can remind the wearer that it is time take their medication, which is particularly useful with time-sensitive medication. It could also be used to remind the wearer that they need to get up and move about, to prevent sitting for too long. Or useful to make sure that the wearer wakes up on time each day,

For children, the reminders could be going to the loo in time, or to remember that they need to focus on something, or to take their medication whilst at school. It is also very useful to remind both children and adults that they need to drink and eat.

The Vibratime has up to 15 vibrating alarms which can be set per day.

  • At the pre-programmed times, the watch will vibrate and the time will be displayed on the watch.
  • The first alarm vibrates for 40 seconds. Further alarms vibrate for 20 seconds. Alarms can be cancelled by pressing either button.
  • To check the time: Press the right button once. The time will appear on the screen.
  • To check the battery level: Press the right button twice. The battery level percentage will appear.

The Vibratime has a rechargeable battery, which can be charged easily through a USB connection (USB connector is included). The watch will be recharged within 2 hours and will then last for 7 days (the battery will drain faster if the vibrating alarm is used intensively & the LED display is used frequently).

Time between battery charges:

We programmed 15 alarms per day and allowed each alarm to vibrate/light display for the maximum time of 40 / 20 seconds. We recommend that the watch is re-charged weekly, although could possibly last 10-14 days before running out. As a guide we recommend you should recharge when the battery level reaches 30% to ensure no settings are lost.

Key features:

• 15 vibrating alarms per day

• Buckle fastening

• Silicone strap - Standard strap minimum length 15cm /maximum 22cm or Large strap minimum length 17cm /maximum 24cm

• Watch straps available in pink, red, grey, black, blue, and purple. Change your strap with your outfit!

• The settings can easily be adjusted using the 2 buttons

• Rechargeable - no need to change batteries

• Instructions included

• Not waterproof (splash-proof)

• 1-year warranty (valid for normal use and not including water damage)

• CE-certified.

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