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USB Powered Doorbell with Sound & Flashing Light

USB Powered Doorbell with Sound & Flashing Light

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Never miss a guest coming over to visit

1. USB powered, supplied with USB cable, USB Power Adaptor not included

2. 4 unique mode functions: only flash but no sound, only sound but no flash, flash and loud, always bright and flash
3. Button waterproof grade IP55, built-in waterproof rubber strip, truly waterproof (CR2032 Button Battery not incl)
4. The button has a label cover, where you can add the house number

5. The sound quality is crisp and clean

6. Brilliant lights, especially suitable for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

7. Plug the receiver into a computer or laptop and be alerted while working at home or work

433.92MHZ Wireless Doorbell

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