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Thinklabs The Y

Thinklabs The Y

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Now you can experience the unsurpassed sound quality of your Thinklabs One with

Y One Headset is identical in size to a traditional stethoscope, with built-in deep bass loudspeaker drivers to give you the sound you expect from Thinklabs. Enjoy the timeless aesthetic with the performance of a Thinklabs One. The Best just got Better!

Y One can be used for regular clinical work, and as a headset for telemedicine voice+stethoscope communication in one device that's amazingly easy to use.

So Easy to Use - Just plug it into your One and you're ready to use it.

Standard Size and Form - Identical to a traditional stethoscope.

Amazing Sound - The loudspeakers are optimally positioned for incredibly resonant bass, ideal for heart and lung sounds.

Headset Features - If you'll be doing telemedicine, Y One has a built-in microphone for you to hear the provider while you listen to the patient, and to talk back to the provider, all without even removing the eartips. An absolute game-changing innovation, only
available from Thinklabs.

Ordering Options:
Headset Only - If you'll be using Y One for clinical work and do not need recording or telemedicine functions.

USB-C Connection Kit - If you need recording and telemedicine features and you own a computer or mobile device (NEW iPhone/iPad, Android, PC, Mac) with USB-C connector. Use this option if you also have older variants of USB connectors. +$10

Telemedicine Cart Kit - If you'll be connecting to a telemedicine cart. If you previously used the Thinklink for telemedicine, you'll probably want this option. +$20

*Thinklabs One Stethoscope sold separately.

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