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The Silent Whistle

The Silent Whistle

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The Silent Whistle, a groundbreaking collaboration between Deaf-Quip and Salcom, is revolutionizing sports communication for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals participating in both Deaf and hearing teams. This innovative device offers a range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of athletes with hearing impairments:

  1. Visual Signaling: The Silent Whistle utilizes visual signaling technology to alert players to referee calls, ensuring that Deaf and hard of hearing athletes can fully participate in games without relying solely on auditory cues.

  2. Vibration Feedback: In addition to visual signals, the Silent Whistle provides vibration feedback, allowing athletes to feel alerts during fast-paced gameplay, ensuring they never miss a call or instruction.

  3. Adjustable Sensitivity: The device offers adjustable sensitivity settings, allowing athletes to customize alerts based on their individual preferences and hearing abilities.

  4. Durable Design: Built to withstand the rigors of athletic competition, the Silent Whistle features a rugged and durable construction, ensuring reliable performance in various sports environments. 

  5. Seamless Integration: The Silent Whistle seamlessly integrates into existing sports equipment and protocols, making it easy for coaches, referees, and players to incorporate the device into games and practices.

By addressing the communication challenges faced by Deaf and hard of hearing athletes, the Silent Whistle empowers individuals to fully participate in sports activities and compete on an equal playing field. This groundbreaking innovation represents a significant step forward in promoting inclusivity and accessibility in the world of sports.

Complete with:

Transmitter for Coach or Umpire
Watch Receiver for the Athlete
Soft protective band

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