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Smart Watch Baby Monitor

Smart Watch Baby Monitor

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When it comes to convenience, a baby wrist monitor is often considered at the top – they are worn around the wrist and make it easy to receive alerts.

The system is a complete kit that allows any parent to keep watch over their child, including individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

The kit comes with two devices. This includes a smartwatch that the parent wears around their wrist. A mounted camera is also included. The camera has built-in detectors to provide an overview of the room temperature.

It does not provide alerts on fever from the baby but does offer an indication of the temperature in the nursery. The watch has a built-in vibrating baby sleeper function.

This function allows the parent to be notified of movement, a waking baby, or crying through a vibration function in the watch. The vibrating alarm wristband also has a night vision function to ensure the parent is able to keep on monitoring their baby when it is dark.

Comes complete with NZ certified adaptors

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