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Silent Alert Vibrating Pager with Charger

Silent Alert Vibrating Pager with Charger

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Silent Alert Vibrating Pager with Charger


Mains powered Alarm Clock Charger with battery back up for Silent Alert's Vibrating Pager or Vibrating Pager for Visually Impaired .
At night the unit provides alerting from any of the transmitters used to monitor events, whilst charging, including the alarm clock function by connecting the Vibrating Pillow Pad. (Purchased separately)
The Pager has the Surelock docking system that ensures the user can easily place it into the charger unit and be confident it cannot become dislodged.


  • 1 year manufacturers return to base warranty


  • Surelock TM docking
  • Low profile ergonomic design
  • Pillow Pad option (sold separately)
  • Integral power cord and Pillow Pad locking mechanism
  • Mains failure backup
  • Integral digital alarm
  • Snooze facility

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