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Silent Alert Doorbell Transmitter

Silent Alert Doorbell Transmitter

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Doorbell Monitor

The Mini Monitor can be used as a wireless stand alone bell push or can replace a bell push on an existing wired door chime. Simply install a 9V PP3 alkaline battery and the unit is ready to go. The Monitor can be setup to inform the user of doorbell, door entry alerts or car / house alarms.


  • Easy to install
  • Wireless Range up to 1000m in open air
  • Low battery monitoring
  • Can be used with an existing doorbell
  • Uses standard alkaline or lithium PP3 batteries
  • Water resistant with StormGuard cover
  • Discreet design

Simply choose the type of receiver you require, either a vibrating pager or a flashing light receiver. Both receivers have the option of adding a vibrating pad for night-time notification.

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