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Silent Alert Baby Monitor Pack

Silent Alert Baby Monitor Pack

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Conventional baby alarms work by sound, but if you're hard of hearing they're next to useless. What would you do if your baby was crying in their crib and you had no way of knowing?

The Silent Alert SignWave Sound Monitor Baby Alarm Pack is a fantastic option for the hard of hearing who need another way to be notified in their home.

And because it uses the Silent Alert system, you can add any of the Silent Alert Parts to it whenever you like.

The SignWave

The Silent Alert SignWave is designed to notify you when something happens in your home. It has an active range of up to 1000 metres, meaning that you can know what's going on in your home wherever you put the SignWave.

The internal, rechargeable battery means you don't have to mess around with changing them - simply put in in the included charging dock at night and it'll always be ready for you in the morning.

The SignWave uses strobe lights and variable frequency sound so that you can quickly be informed on what's going on in your home. Fully portable and comfortable to hold, this hand-held signalling device brings multiple devices of the home to the palm of your hand.

If you prefer to be notified via a vibrating pager simply swap out the Signwave when you order.

The Sound Monitor

The Universal Sound Monitor detects sound and alerts the SignWave, making it ideal for use as a baby monitor for hard of hearing parents. What's more, the monitor turns the lights on the SignWave into a live volume visualiser, so you can see how loudly the baby is crying and if they are crying continually.

The Pillow Pad

The Pillow Pad ensures that you can be notified around the clock. At night, simply place the SignWave into the charging dock and place the pillow pad under your pillow.

If something happens in your home, the SignWave will get the signal from the sound monitor and vibrate the pillow pad, waking you up and alerting you to baby cries. And because the pillow pad is the strongest on the market, you know that you'll be notified no matter how much of a deep sleeper you are.

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