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Sensor Watch System for Deaf Athletes

Sensor Watch System for Deaf Athletes

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Introducing the "Sensor Watch" by Deaf-Quip, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline communication and enhance coordination for Deaf sports teams. Our Sensor Watch enables coaches, umpires, and officials to efficiently manage gameplay with ease, ensuring smooth and organized matches. Here's why the Sensor Watch stands out:

  1. Instant Communication: With the Sensor Watch, stopping play is as simple as pressing a button. Coaches and officials can signal interruptions or timeouts instantly, allowing for quick adjustments during gameplay.

  2. Vibration Alerts: Each Deaf player receives immediate notification of a play stoppage through vibration alerts on their wristwatch receiver. This ensures that every team member remains informed and ready to respond, promoting fair and inclusive participation.

  3. Discreet Design: The Sensor Watch boasts a sleek and discreet design, allowing for seamless integration into sports attire. Its unobtrusive appearance minimizes distractions and maintains focus during intense matches.

  4. Compatibility with Accessories: The Sensor Watch is designed to be compatible with a range of accessories, such as wristbands, allowing users to wear the watch in a way that suits their preferences and comfort levels.

  5. Reliable Performance: Built to withstand the rigors of athletic competition, the Sensor Watch delivers reliable performance in any environment. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting durability, match after match.

Experience the power of seamless communication with the Sensor Watch by Deaf-Quip. Elevate your team's performance and foster inclusivity on the field. Contact us today to learn more about how the Sensor Watch can revolutionize your sports experience.

Complete with:

- Transmitter Watch - worn by the coach, umpire etc.
- Watch Receiver - worn by a player
- Charging Cable
- Soft Wristband

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