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Large Clock, Timer, Countdown or Count up with Remote

Large Clock, Timer, Countdown or Count up with Remote

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A large mains powered LED digital clock with multiple functions.

The backlit Red LED display is visible day and night
No need for light in the room.
The strong aluminum case can sit flat on a surface or be mounted on a wall
Countdown timer up / down to 99m 59s
Stopwatch Tabata Timer - Consists of 8 rounds; 20-sec intense workout time; 10-sec rest time
Fight Gone Bad Timer - Consists of 3 rounds ; 5min workout time; 1-min rest time
Interval Timer
10cm numerals can be read from 40m distance
12 or 24hr time
Adjustable brightness with 5 levels
Comes with the remote control where you can change settings
Power is 220V Mains Power with 2.5M long power cord/wire (AU/NZ Plug)
Ideal for gyms, warehouses, mines, offices, sports events, sight impaired or where you need a countdown timer and alert staff, loud buzzer
Dimensions: 42cm Wide x 17cm High x 7.5cm Deep Weight: 2kg 1 year warranty

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