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Clearsounds Amplified Neckloop

Clearsounds Amplified Neckloop

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Your “Master Key” to connectivity!

Are you an iPhone, iTouch or soon-to-be iPad user? The ClearSounds
CLA7v2 is the must-have accessory! If you wear hearing aids, the
CLA7v2 maximizes everything these new mobile devices offer.

A convenient little device you wear around your neck and plug into a cell phone, cordless phone, MP3 player, laptop, gaming device or any audio device.

The handy accessory gives you adjustable amplification up to 30 dB
and reduces or eliminates interference between cellular phones and
hearing aid processors. It also features a built-in microphone for
hands-free conversation.

You need not purchase or switch between multiple headsets for different
activities. Four connection cables are included to accommodate the
most common types of phones and audio equipment. The amplified
neckloop is powered by AAA batteries to provide approximately 200
hours of operation.

Key Features:

  • Mobile, home & office applications30 dB adjustable amplification
  • User-friendly controls & cables
  • One device, multiple applications: cellular phones, home/office phones, laptop computers, portable gaming devices, iPods, personal/TV listening equipment and other audio devices
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