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Chimeflash Doorbell Pushbutton Transmitter

Chimeflash Doorbell Pushbutton Transmitter

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The Sarabec chimeflash Doorbell Push is a replacement or extra push that will pair to your chime flash receiver unit.

The Bellpush has a brilliant mounting system whereby you have a mounting plate that fixes to the door, frame or brickwork, you then attach the push to the plate, this means no more opening up of the bellpush when its time to change the battery, you simply remove the push from the plate and the battery compartment is easily accessed on the rear of the push.

The bellpush is also waterproof and is rated to IP56. The bellpush uses the CR2032 coin cell battery type which is supplied with the system.

There is a Green confidence light around the push button which lets a visitor know that the push has been activated.

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