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Bellman & Symfon Neck Loop

Bellman & Symfon Neck Loop

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The neckloop from Bellman & Symfon is lightweight, comfortable to wear and produces high output power. Just plug it into your personal amplifier, FM system, ipod, computer or mobile phone and switch on the telecoil ("T" switch) on your hearing aid or cochlear speech processor.

For high quality listening with hearing instruments. The Bellman Neck Loop works with any sound source with a 3.5mm headphones output. Simply plug the Bellman Neck Loop into your speech amplifier, MP3 player, computer or cell phone and switch your hearing instrument to "T" position. The Bellman Neck Loop is discrete and comfortable and can be worn under your shirt.

Connects to Maxi and Mino


Impedance: 2 x 5 Ω

Connector: 3.5mm gold plated and 90° angled teleplugg (stereo).

Output: 1500 mA/m @ 15 cm / 6 " distance and 2 x 50 mW input signal.

Weight: 60 g

Neckloop circumference: 70 cm

Neckloop diameter: 22cm

Cable length: 90 cm

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