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Bellman & Symfon Domino Classic with Earbuds & Case

Bellman & Symfon Domino Classic with Earbuds & Case

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Stop Focusing On Hearing, Start Focusing On Listening

The Domino Classic Personal Hearing System with Earphone is an advanced, revolutionary sound amplification system that uses digital sound processing and wireless wideband technology to bring out speech in difficult listening situations. The included lightweight stereo earphones offer great sensitivity and excellent isolation from ambient noise.

With a wide range of customizable features, multiple listening options, and high definition audio, the Domino Classic gives you comprehensive, powerful amplification that you can rely on in any environment. Read on and learn what Domino Classic can do for you.

  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Digital wideband technology streams audio in full stereo for crystal-clear sound
  • Wireless secure encryption prevents interference and eavesdropping
  • Ready for action with the touch of a button
  • Easily connects to your TV, stereo system or MP3 player
  • Global Frequency Standard allows you to use Domino anywhere in the world

Domino Classic Personal Hearing System

How It Works

The Domino Classic consists of a transmitter and receiver equipped with two omnidirectional microphones each. Using the Domino is intuitive. Simply point the microphone in the direction of the person talking or the sound you want to amplify. Domino automatically recognizes and amplifies speech, while simultaneously filtering out unwanted background noise to make listening an enjoyable experience.

Three Listening Options:

  1. With Receiver: hear conversations close to you
  2. With Transmitter: hear conversations far from you
  3. Combination: use both the transmitter and receiver simultaneously to hear conversations close and far

Sound is picked up both by the remote transmitter and receiver (adjustable balance), then converted into digital data, which allows the user to hear both remote and close conversations, music, etc. The transmitter sound is streamed over an encrypted wireless link to the receiver for listening with earbuds, headphones or neckloop/hearing instrument with T-coil. The transmitter also incorporates a stereo input for streaming high quality audio from your TV, MP3 player or stereo system. From the receiver, you can easily control the functions of the two units.

For Example

In a meeting situation, you can set the receiver close to you and listen to people sitting nearby. You can also switch to the transmitter, placed further away so you can follow conversation on the far side of the table. You can also mix the signals from the transmitter together with the signals of the receiver, so you can listen to people far away and still have contact with those around you.

BSHC Domino Example

Package Component Features

  • Earphones: For a discreet look. Small and light weight in-ear earphones with great sensitivity and excellent isolation from ambient noise. Carefully selected to insure high clarity and great detail.
  • USB Universal Charger: Great for traveling. Small light-weight USB charger set that works everywhere in the world. Includes plugs for USA, EU, UK, Australia and China.
  • Durable Travel Case: Protects your Domino at all times. Semi-hard travel case in black canvas with enforced exterior. Offers excellent organization of your original accessories and a clean, simple design.

Additional Features

Balance Control sets the balance between the left and right ear so you can compensate for a more severe hearing loss in one ear. Base Reduction is used to minimize the low frequency interference that can be generated by fans, traffic, or roads. The included clips allow you to comfortably wear the Domino Classic on a belt or sleeve, and the included straps let you loop it around your neck.

Package Includes

  • Transmitter unit
  • Receiver unit
  • Semi hard travel case
  • In-ear earphones
  • USB universal charger
  • Neck straps (2)
  • Belt clips (2)
  • User Manuals
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