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Konnekt Captioning Video Calls & Phone Calls

Konnekt Captioning Video Calls & Phone Calls

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Konnekt Captioning Videophone

An easy phone for people of all ages who are Deaf or hard of hearing. 

  1. Captions. Fast, private, accurate. Multiple languages.
  2. Loud, clear sound. Hands-free, or holding a traditional handset. 
  3. Read lips and facial expressions using optional video calling.

Read the other person’s words as voice-to-text, and optionally see your own words, as large text messages.

Our speech to text phone makes calls easy. Use with or without hearing aids.

Government funding available for eligible individuals who are working or studying. 

Hard of Hearing Specific Features

  • Face-to-face calls with friends and family. Reduces social isolation.
  • Loud hi-fidelity sound from two large in-built speakers. Much louder than most mobiles, tablets or laptops.
  • Especially loud ringtone available, audible across many rooms.
  • Audio output for hearing aid loop.
  • Audio input from a speech generating device (or any computer).
  • Huge 38cm screen. Ideal for NZ Sign Language / lip reading.
  • Auto-answer option for trusted carers. Reduce their worry when you can’t hear the call.
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