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Geemarc Amplicall Sentinel 1 Video Baby Monitor with Vibrating Pad

Geemarc Amplicall Sentinel 1 Video Baby Monitor with Vibrating Pad

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The Geemarc Sentinel 1 Baby Monitor with bed shaker that alarms, flashes and vibrates when noise or movement is detected. A really good baby monitor, specifically designed with deaf parents and carers in mind. It is supplied with a powerful vibrating pad and the alarm is loud, with a bright flash. The video picture quality is very good in both daylight and night vision (see pictures), which is particularly important for parents with hearing loss.

The camera is supplied with a flat stand as well as a snake stand. The snake stand is really useful, especially if you're in a rented property or visiting family. It allows you to suspend the camera from curtain poles, cot bars etc. Clever software in the parent monitor allows you to rotate the picture so even if you install the camera upside down, you will still be able to see the video the correct way up! n.b. always ensure that you place the camera and cables safely, well out of reach of the baby.

In the opinion of our evaluation panel, this is a very good quality baby monitor. It has clearly been designed with deaf parents in mind and is the only such monitor we are aware of available in the UK. The vibrating pad is powerful and the audible alarm is strong, although the volume cannot be adjusted. NOTE: for units purchased from June 2023, there is now an option to turn the audible alarm off in the menu. The camera is good quality which is important as being able to see your baby gives extra reassurance at night when you might not have your hearing aids in and be able to hear them through the monitor. It is easy to set up and use and the snake camera stand is very clever - helping you to ensure that you have the camera positioned for the best view. 

Features of the Sentinel 1 Baby Monitor:

  • Motion detection option: alarm will go off once any movement is detected in the baby's room
  • Adjustable noise detection on 3 levels (to prevent street noise, for example)
  • Temperature alarm: you can to set a baby room’s temperature limit between 0°C and 40°C, with the option to select Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • LED indicators: LED changing colour depending on the voice intensity (if the baby is playing, crying, etc…)
  • Good quality night mode camera, great for babies who sleep best in a dark room
  • Talk/zoom button: press and hold for the parent to talk to the child, press to digital zoom (x2)
  • Image rotation function: you can install the camera upside down (using the bendy stand, this may end up giving you the best view!) but still be able to see the video the right way up on the monitor by rotating it
  • Feeding time reminder function (with countdown bar on video view interface)
  • Battery saving mode: display off after 10 seconds without detecting any movement/sound or temperature changes
  • Flashing light to alert you (optional)
  • Loud audible alarm (optional)
  • Vibrating shaker pad included
  • Adjustable volume with +/- buttons
  • 4 lullabies
  • Time and date is displayed on the video view
  • Adjustable display brightness (5 levels)
  • Rechargeable battery-powered parent monitor with low battery indicator


1 x Parent Monitor, 1 x Camera, 1 x Vibrating Pad, 1 x Snake Stand, 2 x Magic tape, 1 x 5VDC/1A power supply for parent unit, 1x 5VDC/1,5A power supply for camera. Power cables approx 1.5m long.

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